Adult Class Descriptions

All of our adult classes are welcoming, fun and can be suitable for all levels.
Teachers will advise you on the best level to choose based on your experience.


Adult Contemporary

Release based class influenced by Cunningham. A structured class moving thoughtfully through the body, finding ease and space in free-flowing sequences and improvisations. Accompanied by great music.

Contemporary dance makes use of space, time, energy, dynamics and flow to move the body expressively. In common with Yoga, the use of the spine is central, along with attention to the natural weight, alignment and efficiency of the body.


Adult Jazz

We warm up then work on stretching and strengthening of the body, learning techniques of different movements. We also learn dance routines to a wide range of music.


Adult Tap

Tap Dance is an exciting, percussive, rhythmical dance form. The dancer uses their feet to strike the floor, beating out a melody, with tap shoes which have small metal plates on the toe and heel to give the distinctive sound. Tap dance is a theatrical art form often seen on screen and stage in musicals.

Adult Ballet Beginners

This class is an introduction for absolute beginners who always wanted to try out ballet. Everyone is welcome, no matter your age or physique to experience the magic of dance and keep fit at the same time by conditioning the body and brain, focus on core and leg strength and improve musicality. We teach the fundamentals of classical ballet in an inclusive, fun and non-competitive environment, with emphasis on good ballet technique, health & safety and building up confidence.

Adult Ballet

This non-syllabus class is for students of all ages who have experience in ballet from past or recent training. Each lesson will comprise barre exercises and a combination of centre work and travelling movement. We teach the in an inclusive, friendly and non-competitive environment with emphasis on good ballet technique, health & safety and fun.


A dance exercise class for all abilities to get moving without being intimidated by the technicality of the steps. A vast number of dance styles from around the world. A full body workout!

How to Register / Book Lessons

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